Adam Ficek w/Polar Front, Sahara Heights and Josh Wolfsohn

Adam Ficek w/Polar Front, Sahara Heights and Josh Wolfsohn

Friday 26 February 2016 - 19:00

Let me take you back to 2008, Babyshambles were the must see band, gigs that didn't start until 1am and finished when everyone had to leave to go to work, last minute shows promoted on fan forums and tour shows that ended up in riots. One night in a pub in Marlborough I met Adam Ficek who played drums for the band and we were chatting as he was killing time before heading to Scotland to perform at the MTV awards. I told him I had a venue in Cricklade where I put on shows (this was slightly exaggerated to the point that it was a pub I drank in) anyway I talked him into doing a show preforming his solo project Roses Kings Castles, a few weeks later with handmade tickets and a hired PA system Asylum Sessions was born. The following couple of years I spent with Adam touring the UK and Europe with RKC and Babyshambles shows, flying up and down the M4 to London for last minute shows and to airports.

Fast forward to November 2009, Babyshambles had just played a gig in a sold out Wembley arena. The following day with a few calls between me and Adam the band headed down the M4 to Marlborough and within 24hrs notice they played in a tiny pub in Cricklade, with no stage or security until the pub ran out of beer, the night ended with the high street full of riot vans and the band being escorted onto the A419.

The years that followed have seen Roses Kings Castles which started off as just a project for Adam to work on new Babyshambles songs, tour numerous times over the UK and Europe and even as far as south east Asia and to slowly build a loyal fanbase.

2015 has seen Adam take to the road again after a break to work on new material and 2016 is looking likely to bring a new release, the first since “British Plastic” in 2011.

26th February Adam will take to the stage at Riffs Bar playing a mix of old and new Roses Kings Castles songs and also some classic Babyshambles tracks. He will be joined by Polar Front who has had brilliant recent success and have had a track featuring on Vicky Pattison’s new advert which will air on MTV in January, support will also come from the talented Josh Wolfsohn and local favourites Sahara Heights.

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Admission: £ 5.00