Who's Played at Riffs?

Where else can you pop down your local and bump into Deborah Bonham (John's sister (Led Zeppelin)), Rick Buckler (The JAM), Dave Gregory (XTC) and a host of local, national and International stars?

"There's only a few venues on the International circuit where music is in the bricks and mortar of the place and Riff's Bar is one of them. You feel instantly at home as a musician, it's always a good night and there's never a down side." Eddie Martin ("A Blues Master" New Jersey Times)

"Riffs Bar is a truly great music venue, hospitable and friendly atmosphere, for all lovers of live music. Our music industry is built upon this type of venue." Rick Buckler (The JAM)

"If I sell a million albums, I'm still coming back to Riff's Bar"  Deborah Bonham

"This is the year of the Riff..." Lars Ulrich (Metallica)

"Carlsberg don't do pubs.... but if they did it'd probably be called Riff's Bar, probably the best pub in the world!"  Rhino Plaster (Vynal Matt)

The Publican Judges: "Against all the odds, passion and dedication mixed with creativity has seen Riff's thrive. They deliver the complete package for established and emerging artists."